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February 1st $100 deposit for those thinking of going to Supreme to Mom Miller checks to RI Grand Assembly
$100 plus $10 for vest material due March 1st Remember it is your responsibility to have someone make it for you.
$100 due April 1st
Money for meals due May 1st; Tour money due May 15th
Balance of funds due June 15th
At the first meeting everyone voted to stay at the headquarters hotel and to travel by train

February 3rd and 4th 1 PM Sat to 9:30 AM Sunday Leadership at Woodridge Registration fee is $5 if you have not previously registered. Registration begins at 12 noon. JGEC to arrive at 10 AM to set up. All those who requested Grand Office or Grand Representative please remember to bring your $100 check made out to RI Grand Assembly for your gown and your measurement paper to Leadership. We will have someone there to remeasure you. Measurements and money will be handled by either Mom Hefler or Mom Bonnie. Registration will be Mom Pal.

February 3rd approx. 6:30 PM after dinner and before other activities. Grand Charity and Mom Barbara meet with Assembly Charity or representative to work on Grand Charity project. Event will be April 14th at Westerly beginning at 10AM until 4 PM.

Hostess Assemblies needed for Grand Officers' Days in August and March, Grand Officers' Reception (building only as Grand Assembly is the Hostess) in September, Leadership in late January early February (building only as Grand Assembly is the Hostess), and Grand Representatives' Day in May. Requests will be accepted after all Assemblies have had a chance to meet and discuss it so after February 10th.

NOTE: Grand Officers' Day in March will be at East Greenwich not Woodridge and Grand Representatives' Day in May at Woodridge not EG. Mom Lynn wrote them down incorrectly. Sorry to confuse everyone.

2017-2018 tees when they are gone they are gone 1 small, 1 Xl, for $12 and 1- 2XL, 1- 3xl for $14 all short sleeved.

large golf umbrellas with all Rainbow colors and more $20 only 4 left then no more will be ordered

Two OES long nylon gown bag in burgundy- at $32. Last ones as company has gone out of business one short royal blue Rainbow at $27

Have a full order of navy sweat pants $25 and $28 in navy and gray.

Remember Rainbow when shopping on Amazon!!!!!!!!!!!!! Support us when you shop for holiday gifts. #StartWithaSmile at http://smile.amazon.com/ch/05-6013531 and Amazon donates.


Individual- "My Rainbow Lab Report 17-18" ages 11-14, 15-17, and 18-21 up to 5 double sided pages Hand made Deadline is July 13th at 4 PM To be turned in to Hostess Advisor Prize: $50 check Separate page with name, birthdate, age

Assembly- find or make a meme typical of your Assembly not GWA year not WA terms Story Book size like last year Prize: $15-20 Donut Cake With Assembly Name and number on front cover and inside covers to be one for each term. To end up 11 x 14

Travel Gavel - To get it you must go "steal" it with at least 25% of your girls on the books as of Dec. 31, 2017. The Assembly that steals it the most during the year will receive a reward at Grand Assembly 2018. As of today, the gavel is at Woodridge Assembly. Next meeting is Saturday, February 3 at 10am.

"Rainbow Gets Girls Ready for Life"