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Money for Grand Assembly
Booster Form
Sponsor Form
Business Letter
Business Sponsorship Form
Dress Code
The above forms are MS Word documents

RBG Release Waiver

Contests for 2013-2014

Original Essay TITLED "What I can do to improve Rainbow." due by Grand Representatives' Day to Mom Lynn Times New Roman 12 font Black Ink One page Name, birthdate, and Assembly on a separate page along with what your choices for gift cards would be and amount that each would be of your prize. MUST be vendors on the script gift card site. Prize: $100 Ages 11-14, 15-17, and 18-21

Assembly Boogie board Board to be no more than three feet high and reflect something to do with your Assembly. They will be paraded around the Grand Assembly Room during the Friday evening Grand Assembly session, judged, and then hung as part of the decorations. $100 prize awarded at the banquet.

Build a Bow- for ANY ASSEMBLY that "BUILDS A BOW," initiates SEVEN new members, between now and June 30th, Grand Assembly will provide tickets to LAKE COMPOUNCE for each of your ACTIVE GIRLS sometime during the summer of 2014.

Positive Growth equals Pizza- Grand Assembly will provide a pizza party to ANY ASSEMBLY that has positive growth for 2013, a gain in membership, as of the recaps on December 31st.THREE ASSEMBLIES EARNED PIZZA PARTY

Ritual Competition
at Grand Representatives Day
Click HERE for rules


Bow Ages 11-13 1 station of your choice See Blue Book

Chaplain Ages 12-14 1 prayer selected by the Committee as the participant enters the room. See Blue Book

Bow Ages 15-18 Love, Immortality, AND Service See Blue Book

Rainbow Flag Tribute Ages 11-13 (in Rainbow less than 2 years), Winner will perforn the Rainbow Flag Tribute at Grand Assembly. See Mother Advisor or Grand Officers' book

BOW 7 For girls who have won All Around and are not eligible for any other category. See Blue Book

All Round Current Worthy Advisors or Past Worthy Advisors. Must be able to do all of the Worthy Advisor, introductions, floor set up, jewels, and whatever else requested. There will be 20 written and up to 10 verbal or visual questions. See Blue Book, Gold Book, Book of Traditional Instructions, and Mother Advisor

Cats' Meow Pins for bringing in new members
One new member- Red pin
Second new member- Orange and yellow pins
Third new member- Green and blue pins
Fourth new member- Indigo and violet pins
Fifth new member and any new members after that- Gold pin
Forms to Ms. Debbie Hopkins, GEC

Supreme Assembly Membership Awards- See separate sheet
---Forms to Barbara Parisella, PGWA, GEC

Merit Bars

Merit bar requirements (3-page document)

Scholarship Information

Scholarship application

Grand Family Applications

Grand Representative Application

Grand Choir Application

JGEC Application

Grand Office Application

Miss Service - Click here for details on the Miss Service Award

And here for the application