A message from our Grand Worthy Advisor

February 2018
368th Edition

Salutations Explorers,

It is officially Installation season! I always look forward to watching you move into your new offices. I wish you the best of luck this term, and I know you will do an excellent job working together and achieving your goals.
February is also Leadership month! The Junior Grand Executive Committee has been working hard planning for another great Leadership Conference, so I look forward to seeing you all there! I would also like to remind the Grand Officers to keep up with your ritual as Grand Officers' Day slowly approaches. I know I've got some studying to do too!
Furthermore, I hope you all are working on this year's individual contest being a scrapbook titled "My Rainbow Lab Book." Make sure you read and follow the rules and instructions for it! I look forward to looking through them at Grand Assembly, as well as the Assembly memes!
I hope you all enjoy this month of February. Congratulations again to the newly installed officers and I wish you all good luck as you continue your beautiful Rainbow journey. Never forget: love your sisters and friends, love your family, and most importantly love yourself. .

Live long and prosper,


To my Rainbow Valentines, a Nerdy Valentine:
To the keeper of my Heart, you are my Thoracic Cavity

    Theme: Explore the Possibilities with Rhode Island Rainbow
    Motto: Think Like a Proton-- Be Positive!
    Colors: Ultraviolet Purple, Copper Sulfate Green Cosmic Blue
    Charity: Platelet Disorder Support Association (PDSA)
    Mascots: Microbes
    Symbols: Atoms and Pi
    Song: Pure Imagination
    Flower: Carnation