A message from our Grand Worthy Advisor

December 2018
376th Edition

Hello there fellow Hogwarts students and staff!,

First I would like to thank everyone who came to Mom Therrien's Reception! It was a wonderful day and I am so happy that so many people could come to support her.

December 30th, the Grand Lodge Youth Committee is hosting a Holiday Party at Scottish Rite. I hope to see you all there!

Our Grand Faith Project, run by Miss Michaela Ringeling is approaching! January 26, 2019, she is putting on a Yule Ball! It will be at the Grand Lodge, tickets are $20. If you would like to purchase tickets, please see her or any Faith representative.

Lastly, girls if you are planning on going to any out of state Grand Assembly's please let me know! I want to travel as much as I can it would be even better if I could travel with some of you.

Happy Holidays!